Why does the floor paint specialize in the medium coating?

- Sep 19, 2017-

  Why does the floor paint specialize in the medium coating?

  Epoxy floor paint is a viscous liquid material, to construction on the ground to protect the role of concrete, need two of coatings: 1, Primer layer, this is to close the void of concrete, to prevent the underground water vapor, air, corrosive substances floating on the epoxy floor caused damage. 2, topcoat layer, the coating directly to the user, it needs to be able to resist walking, mechanical friction, on the other hand also need to be able to isolate the presence of corrosive substances from the upper layer of the epoxy floor inside the paint.

  After finishing the primer layer and the introduction of paint layer, that is not to have doubts, then why do we have to construct a "medium coating", why should have a special paint in the floor coating materials?

  There are several reasons for this:

  1. Enhance wear resistance. Epoxy floor paint of the nature of the decision. Epoxy floor paint is solidified into a film-like floor paint, it is through the formation of concrete surface protection coating to complete its protection mission, as if our skin. But because it is a film, it can be worn. The thinner the floor paint works, the easier it is to wear light. And in the middle coating is sandwiched between the primer and paint, improve the epoxy flooring project wear resistance, the key use of life.

  2. Increase the thickness. General floor Paint Primer and topcoat construction will only produce 0.2-0.5mm coating, so not only wear is poor, but also to people walking on the experience is very poor. This everyone should have feelings, thick epoxy flooring project has a certain flexibility, walking on the top is very comfortable, fell down will not be very painful.

  3. Reduce costs. Because the coating does not need to bear the protection of all kinds of harmful substances of the task, the requirements of it can actually be reduced a little bit. And the coating is in the middle of the epoxy floor coating, colorful no one can see, so the color powder can be dispensed with. So the medium coating is generally cheaper than the topcoat and primer.