Methods of preventing cracks on ground floor paint

- Sep 19, 2017-

  Methods of preventing cracks on ground floor paint

  Floor paint base surface is mainly divided into mortar floor, emery wear-resistant floor surface, concrete ground, terrazzo ground, and so on, if there is a crack in the ground after the construction, even with epoxy mortar floor paint to repair, in the future use of the process of cracks will slowly expand, widen and grow, and this change will directly affect the epoxy floor paint coating , resulting in cracks in epoxy floor paint.

  So this reminder: to prevent epoxy floor paint cracks, the key is to ensure that epoxy floor paint base surface without cracks. It is necessary to intervene in the construction of the ground floor, to supervise several aspects of the base surface construction, and to take some effective measures.

  First, the quality of concrete materials guarantee: To prevent cracks we must start with the control materials, concrete mainly by cement, aggregates, water, sandstone composition, cement we should try to choose the lower calorific materials, gravel selection 2.4-3.0 fineness of the best sand.

  Second, pay attention to the construction of epoxy floor paint climate: concrete cracks, in addition to the proportion of material deployment, but also a major factor is the climatic reasons. Because the concrete ground thermal conductivity is poor, if the temperature drops, will lead to the floor surface temperature is low, the internal temperature is high, cause the concrete ground because of the temperature difference crack.

  Third, the construction process supervision: In the construction process, the material mix should choose the specialized concrete mechanical stirring, and after the construction has guaranteed 2 times ground leveling, this may reduce the base surface crack the occurrence probability.

  The solution to the coarse of floor paint surface

  Epoxy floor paint construction, paint brush is not clean, ambient environmental pollution or floor paint mixed with patent leather, before use without precipitation and filtration, or paint did not dry when stained with dust, will lead to the surface of floor paint coarse phenomenon. To prevent these problems, the following two points need to be done:

  1, the old floor paint before use, be sure to use Paint filter paper or clean nylon stockings filtered. Use a clean paint brush and paint bucket.

  2, floor paint dry, with wet and dry sandpaper polished smooth, clean, and then brush the above paint, the surface of a good floor paint in the paint is not dry when the cover or cardboard to prevent dust.