How to maintain the floor paint?

- Sep 19, 2017-

  How to maintain the floor paint?

  Floor paint is a high value, high-quality, high requirements of the product, the correct use of maintenance methods can make the ground often as new, and can Baochang the use of life. The nine-point maintenance method of concrete epoxy flooring paints is as follows:

  1, the construction of the floor after the maintenance of 7-10 days to be put into use, in the maintenance period, should avoid water or other solution infiltration surface

  2, where the workers into the workshop must be replaced by a rubber soled shoes (can not wear foam bottom of the black shoes) (to avoid the outside of the sand into the workshop and scratched the ground)

  3, general hardware: such as iron Chair, iron table, iron shelves, etc., must be its feet with soft plastic, rubber wrap or paper pad to avoid scratching the ground in the process of use

  4, the tractor needs to fully lift the board from the ground, turn to pay special attention to the machine board angle do not scratch the ground

  5, clean the ground please use soft absorbent mop or wet and dry dual-use vacuum cleaners, can be clean water or detergent, floor paint but please note that the ground slippery

  6, if because of the use of long time to cause wear or scraping, small area can be repaired, if the area is large, it is recommended to roll 7, equipment into the factory before, in the floor on the upper floor of hard cardboard, in order to avoid scraping the ground in the transport equipment process

  8, the wheel of the cart, floor paint please use hard or elastic rubber wheel, and plant inside and outside the use of separate

  9, according to the ground requirements to do waxing treatment (its effect can prevent ground scratches)

  Acceptance Criteria for flooring:

  1, the ambient temperature of 25 ℃, 2-3 days after construction should reach the hard work, that is, the hardness to achieve the curing of about 80%;

  2, the surface can not appear sticky phenomenon;

  3, Bubble: flat-coated, mortar-type bubble-free, self-leveling allow 1 small bubbles/10 square meters;

  4, leveling good, no trowel knife, large area of the interface basic formation;

  5, no floating color, uniform color, floor paint large area interface allows a very not obvious color difference;

  6, no coarse impurities, but allow the air to fall in the dust caused by the tiny defects;

  7, the floor surface should be smooth, gloss should meet the design requirements (high gloss ≥90, light ≥70, Half light $number), floor paint flat-coated with light, water for half light ~ no light;

  8, orange peel, mortar non-slip surface effect should be very obvious, no volatile organic emissions, is widely used in modern industrial flooring finishing.