Construction environment management of floor paint

- Sep 19, 2017-

  Construction environment management of floor paint

  Epoxy floor paint construction, any detail of the negligence may cause defects or rework, causing losses, so before entering the construction environment management work, to ensure project quality.

  1. Temperature and humidity measurement, dew point determination

  Floor coatings (especially topcoat) coating and curing process (before the table dry), the substrate surface temperature should be higher than dew point 3 ℃ above, floor paint in order to prevent substrate and wet film surface condensation water vapor, affecting the adhesion and surface effect of coating.

  At present, the market has to measure the ambient temperature, relative humidity of the measurement table sold, can be directly measured temperature and humidity. In different humidity and temperature environment, the dew point temperature is not the same. Under the different temperature and humidity of the dew point temperature table, floor paint can correspond to the temperature and relative humidity intersection, detection of dew temperature.

  Dew point temperature requirements: The surface temperature of the coating should be higher than the dew point 3 ℃, can be coated. Unable to determine the dew point temperature, you can use a damp cloth on the surface of the already clean floor coating a very clear layer of thin water, evaporation in 15min to remove, then can be considered to meet the dew-point requirements.

  2. Other requirements and inspection items

  Because the floor construction needs the clean and closed coating environment, any detail negligence may cause the defect or rework, floor paint causes the loss, therefore must check the following aspects before entering the construction:

  Check points:

  ① doors and windows are intact, the construction site can be closed, roofing, water pipes and so on whether there is leakage hidden danger;

  ② Avoid cross work, the construction of moderate ventilation, but should prevent sand, dust and other surrounding pollution;

  ③ lighting, electricity and other facilities are available, floor paint if necessary, should be planned and ready;

  ④ pay attention to weather forecast, the weather condition of the construction period is suitable.