How does the factory floor floor paint choose?

- Sep 19, 2017-

  How does the factory floor floor paint choose?

  Workshop floor paint is the enterprise for the sake of beauty and improve the operating environment of the factory workshop, to achieve environmental protection, reduce the role of dust and ground moisture, workshop floor paint choice is very important, if improper easy to wear and delamination. So how to choose the floor paint, there are six points to choose the following points, according to this to choose eighteen nine never ten.

  1. Floor paint requirements

  Mainly the following three aspects

  Wear resistance: floor where the use of vehicles which will be walking

  Pressure: floor in the use of how much load will bear

  Impact resistance: whether the impact will cause the floor surface stripping

  2. Chemical performance requirements

  Mainly consider the following two aspects

  Acid and alkali resistance: the type of chemical substances used when the concentration of corrosion

  Solvent resistance: the type of solvent used and contact time


  1. Base strength: the general requirements of compressive strength greater than C20

  2. Flatness: whether the need for epoxy mortar repair

  Four aesthetic requirements

  1. Color requirements: whether the need for color area division

  2. Brightness requirements: is to choose light or matte

  3. Thickness requirements: how much thickness of floor paint needs to be achieved

  V. Safety requirements

  If the floor is in a grunge environment or a ramp, it is necessary to consider a slippery floor

  Six. Floor color selection

  Floor color selection, and more from the workplace of large areas of color to the impact of people to consider, more commonly used colors such as gray green, blue, crossed with yellow.

  Because the type of floor paint different, the function is not the same, there are anti-skid, wear, heat, according to your situation "tailored" process. Previous plants generally use cement floor, but wear resistance and pressure resistance can not meet the frequent operation of the factory workshop environment needs. And in the cement floor based on the increase in floor paint, not only to extend the use of the ground time to improve wear resistance, but also to solve the cleaning problem, the most important and beautiful optimization. Epoxy floor paint is so hot there is a reason.