Data | Global coatings market Supply and Demand Analysis Asia accounts for 45%

- Jan 25, 2018-

2017 Global coatings industry developed well, one of the decorative coatings market development faster than automotive coatings and other industrial coatings market.

According to a new research report, 2017, the global coatings industry developed well, including decorative coatings market development faster than automotive coatings and other industrial coatings market. Overall, the momentum will continue to grow in 2018, but at a slower pace.

The study pointed out that 2018 global paint production growth is expected to be about 3%, market growth is expected to be about 4.4%, the increase is slightly lower than 2017. In many countries and regions of the world, industries that are slightly above GDP growth are construction. The data show that Asia occupies 45% of the global paint market and is faster than other regions and has a greater impact on the global paint market. In addition, the impact of price fluctuations on the market value of the paint industry is also a factor that can not be ignored, and market capitalisation analysis in the United States dollar, such as the use of other currency calculations, market value data may be different. In euro terms, market capitalisation rose by 3.5% in 2017.

According to the data, the decorative paint is a kind of rapid development of all kinds of coatings, which is affected by the strong development of the construction industry. For example, construction in Europe grew by 3.5% in 2017, while in China the growth rate was as high as 10%, well above GDP growth. Thus, the rapid development of the construction industry stimulated the development of the European and Asian decorative coatings market. In addition, the 2017 North American decorative paint production growth of about 2.5%, market value growth of about 4.4%, these figures are also higher than the U.S. GDP growth (2.2%).

Affected by the automotive industry, 2017, the world's automotive OEM paint production growth of about 1.7%, market value growth of about 3%. Under the influence of road condition, condition and accident rate, the market of automobile repair paint is developing smoothly. Other industrial coatings such as powder coatings, wood coatings, coil coatings, packaging coatings, protective coatings, marine coatings and other development is also more stable. In terms of industrial growth, China is about 7%, Europe is about 2%, and the US is about 1.6%. This also reflects the growth of other industrial coatings market from one side.

Regionally, the region has been the world's largest paint industry for many years and has grown rapidly, with 52% of global production and a market capitalisation of 45% of the total. 2017, the Asian region paint production growth of about 5.7%, market value increase of about 6.3%. China remains the region's largest paint market, accounting for 56% of the region's total market capitalisation, the study said. The second is India and Japan. Europe and North America respectively are the world's second largest coatings industry and the third largest market, compared to global total production, its ratio of 19% and 23% respectively, compared to the global total market value of paint, the proportion of 13% and 18% respectively.

It is pointed out that the influence factors of global coatings market mainly include GDP, construction industry, automobile manufacturing industry and industrial development. By analyzing each factor, it is expected that 2018 global coatings Market Trend forecast is optimistic, the growth rate may be slightly lower than 2017.

Global GDP growth in 2018 was expected to rise by about 3.74%, slightly above 2017 (3.58%). Among them, China's GDP growth is stable, is expected to be 6.7%, India from 2017 's 5.9% to 7%, Europe's GDP growth is also more stable, about 2.3%; U.S. GDP is expected to rise slightly, about 2.5%. Overall, this is a favorable factor for the development of the global coatings market in the 2018.

2018, the global construction industry growth rate is expected to be slightly below 2017 years. In 2017, for example, construction growth in the United States was 4%~4.5% and 2018 was expected to be 3.5%~4.0%. The situation in Europe is similar, with about 3.5% in 2017 and 2.5% in 2018. China's construction industry is expected to continue to grow fast, but at a slower pace than 2017.

Global auto industry data show 2017 growth of about 1.7% per cent, while growth in 2018 and in the next few years is expected to be 2%~3%, while growth in the region is expected to be 3%~4% and growth in Europe and North America is expected to be 0~2%. Overall, the global auto industry has risen slightly above 2017.

2018, the forecast of global industrial development is similar to construction industry. For example, global industrial growth grew by about 7% in 2017, with China's industry growing at a 5.5%~6.5%, and about 1.6% in the US, which is expected to change little this year, about 2% in Europe and 1%~2% this year.

Overall, 2018 global paint production growth is good, but because construction and industrial development slowed down, it is expected to increase slightly less than 2017 years. The study pointed out that 2018 Asia region paint market is expected to increase the high, of which output growth of about 3.7%, market value growth of about 5.4%. (