Water-based Environmental Paint

- Jan 26, 2018-

water-based Paint and oily paint the most essential difference is the choice of solvents, water-based paint is water as a diluent of paint, and oily paint using organic solvents, these organic solvents are generally harmful to the human body, the atmosphere has pollution and easy to burn solvents, and will be in the film when the volatile to the air, the so-called health threat is generated. And these harmful substances will not be in a short time all volatile clean, such as formaldehyde, it may take 5-10 years to completely volatile clean. Therefore, these organic {Hottag} solvents on the human body has become a long-term behavior. and water-based wood paint, because the use of water to replace organic solvents, so in the film when the wave issued is water, it will not bring any harm to the human body. Therefore, water-based environmental protection paint (to infinity into the standard) and oily paint the most essential difference is environmental protection and the impact on human health.

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Folding water-based Wood Paint

water-based Transparent Primer, water-based transparent topcoat, water-based white primer, water-based flour paint, water-based primer, anti-swelling reinforcement primer, water-based glaze, water-based color, water-based, color paste

Folding water-based Antirust Paint

Acrylic water-based antirust paint, water-based alkyd antirust paint, water-based amino paint, water-based phenolic antirust paint, water-based epoxy paint, waterborne polyurethane paint, color of many

Folding Outdoor water-based Wood Paint

Outdoor water-based Transparent Primer, water-based transparent topcoat, water-based white primer, water-based flour paint, water-based glaze, water-based color-fixing, water-based color, color paste

Folding Wood Wax

water-based wood wax, wood wax

Folding water-based Handicraft Paint

water-based Toy paint (wooden toys), water-based plastic paint, water-based glass paint

Folding water-based Floor Paint

water-based Floor Primer, topcoat, coating, cover varnish. Outdoor-specific polyurethane water-based floor primer, topcoat, cover varnish, coating, etc.

Folding Waterborne Coatings

High-quality interior and exterior wall paint, real stone paint, textured paint, art paint, etc.

Folding Other varieties

water-based blackboard paint, water-based willow paint, water-based paint, water-based coloring agent, water-based wood anti-corrosion paint

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water-based Environmentally friendly paint products all with water as thinner, non-toxic tasteless green environmental protection, wide range of applications, wood products, plastics, metals, plastics, PE, PP, PVC, stone, glass, canvas, leather, bamboo, electronics, machinery, boilers, steel, castings and other surface and indoor and outdoor can be applied to our products. Variety of products, transparent colorless, transparent color, white and color, according to your request arbitrary deployment of tens of thousands of colors, the construction method of diversification, can be sprayed, brush, roll coating, dip, technology, style diversification, all open, half open, do old, antique, European, Chinese, classical ...; The construction condition is diverse, can bake at low temperature, can also be natural dry. Selected Water-based series of paint, so that your products with international standards, and high-grade 0 distance.

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With the steady development of the market, the company will continue to progress with the passage of time and technology research, in doing the original products, services, on the basis of the further introduction of High-tech quality products, and expand the market in other areas, in the fierce and complex market competition has always maintained first-class quality and service, So that we and join partners in long-term cooperation, market share, the benefit of sharing the basis for consumers to create environmental health, color rich warm world!