Three Major Preparations Before The Construction Of Floor Paint

- Sep 19, 2017-

  Three major preparations before the construction of floor paint

  1. Floor Paint Coating Performance inspection: A variety of different packaging of floor paint before the construction to perform performance testing, generally to check the name of the floor paint paint, batch, production plant and factory time, to understand the needs of the floor paint coating pretreatment methods, construction and drying methods. The two-component floor paint should be checked for the blending ratio and the applicable time, preparation of the use of diluent, according to the specifications of product specifications and the need to determine the construction of their chemical and physical properties are qualified, it is best to paint the floor on a small area of the trial coating to determine the construction process parameters. In addition, according to the performance of the floor paint coating, the necessary safety measures should be taken in the construction of floor paint.

  2. Fully mixed ground paint paint: Some floor paint storage days long, in which the anti-rust pigments, physical pigments, such as easy to precipitate, caking, so to be in the floor before the paint to fully stir evenly. Two-component packaging of paint, according to the product specification of the proportion of the provision, fully stirred, the time required to park the full response, and then use.

  3. According to the floor paint paint color Adjustment coating: The construction without adjustment, large quantities of continuous construction used in floor paint paint, manufacturers should ensure that the supply of varieties of color consistent. Floor Paint paint color adjustment is an individual situation, in order to floor paint paint for the professional factory encountered in the situation may be more.

  Before the construction of floor paint paint color adjustment is to the finished floor paint coating, must use the same floor paint paint, as far as possible with hue close to the floor paint leveling. Color to use dry film contrast inspection, general use of visual color, now to use the color difference meter, computer-controlled mechanical color matching (referred to as the computer color) of the direction of development.