New Product: Addition Agent Special Effect Paint

- Oct 21, 2017-

Basic Info

  • Color: Customzation

  • Method: Spray

  • Main Raw Material: Epoxy

  • Certification: SGS

  • Expiration Date: 1 year

  • Packaging: Barrel

  • Item Number: Hl-139

  • Processing: Vacuum Plating

  • Nw: 17kg/Barrel

  • Customization: Available

  • Transport Package: Carton

  • Usage: Vacuum Plating Coating

  • Appearance: Liquid

  • Components: Film Forming Matter

  • Level: Finish Coat

  • Substrate: Plastic

  • Formation Mechanism: Conversion Type

  • Product Name: Addition Agent Special Effect Paint (Hl-139)

  • Certificate: SGS

  • Application: Wide Application for Daily Life Products

  • Item Models: Over 200 Items Available

  • Trademark: HALIQI

  • Specification: 17KG

  • HS Code: 3208201090


Operation Tips 

  1. Curing energy and baking conditions should be insured within the reference value in order to guarantee the stability of the endurance requirements. UV-curable energy refers to the energy that is irradiated to the substrate product in various orientations, including: bottom, side, top, etc.  Any objects that can block the light source on any fixture, mold and substrate surface  or any objects by their own shape with light shadows, should have a unfavorable impact to receive light energy.

  2. Humidity, dust and other environmental factors might have adverse effects on the coating results and performance. Customers should estimate the risks and make necessary samples before mass production.

  3. Paint is available for direct spraying or coating; In case the paint splashes on human skin or clothes, it is essential to wash or rinse immediately by water to prevent skin from burns or scorches.

  4. The paint products are valid for 6 months.

In case the technology, coating condition, checking contents examination methods and criteria of customers are quite different from our instruction book, please communicate with the engineers from our company and both sides should confirm once more all the related technical details as the delivery acceptance standard; in case customer has no objection, this manual shall prevail, please be sure to follow the instructions of this manual for operation. It will help to protect the legitimate benefits and interests of our customers in the use of our products. Thank you.