How To Deal With Epoxy Floor Paint Bump Phenomenon

- Sep 18, 2017-

  How to deal with epoxy floor paint bump phenomenon

  As in the construction process is not strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, it will cause the epoxy floor paint peeling, convex phenomenon. Here Xiaobian for you to explain how to avoid the epoxy resin floor paint peeling, raised:

  Epoxy floor paint peeling, raised for four reasons:

  1. The concrete foundation is too smooth. Adhesive force is not enough, in the primer before the construction should be polished. Enhance the cohesive force.

  2. Concrete base water content is too high, should be controlled below 8%, moisture is too large, will produce bubbles, resulting in peeling.

  3. Construction environment requirements at room temperature 10 ~ 25 ℃ between the construction.

  4. The amount of curing agent should be based on the standard, not for the rush period, free to increase the amount.

  Epoxy Floor paint acceptance criteria:

  1, the ambient temperature of 25 ℃, 2-3 days after construction should reach the hard work, that is, to achieve the hardness of about 80% of the completion of curing;

  2, the surface can not appear sticky phenomenon;

  3, the bubble: flat coated, mortar type without bubbles, self-leveling to allow a small bubble / 10 square meters;

  4, good leveling, no trowel marks, large area interface at the basic level;

  5, no floating color flowers, color uniform, large area interface allows a very obvious color;

  Epoxy floor paint in the general life of 5-8 years, due to construction and other reasons in the use of floor paint will be peeling off, raised, should analyze the reasons for epoxy floor paint, and take timely measures to repair.