Classification Of Road Paint

- Jan 11, 2018-

Road paint (road marking paint) There are several types of the following

1. Room temperature solvent-based road marking paint

Traditional marking paint, the paint drying slowly, short life, low cost, urban roads in our country and the general road is still widely used.

2. Heating solvent-based road marking paint

High solid content, less solvent, fast drying, reflective effect is good, widely used in foreign high-grade highways.

3. Hot melt road marking paint

Fast drying, thick coating, long service life, good reflective continuity, currently occupy the dominant position in our high-grade highways.

Hot-melt vibration-type road marking paint

Developed on the basis of the hot melt, can be used as deceleration, vibration, warning, rain lines and other purposes, the form of ribs, dot, rain trough. Currently in the highway on the slowdown line, the edge, has been widely used.

5. Waterborne road marking paint

More environmentally friendly, fast drying, thick coating, the current problems are poor adhesion to asphalt pavement and water resistance. China's manufacturers to introduce foreign water-based marking paint, but in the application process are not satisfactory results. Therefore, water-based paint is still in the domestic development and trial application stage.

6. Non-slip road marking paint (color pavement)

Non-slip coating binders are generally based on alkyds, chlorinated rubbers, phenolic resins or modified epoxy resins that are better weathering and mechanical properties, incorporating hard and bulky particles such as cheap quartz sand or the like. These filler particles large and prominent on the surface, resulting in greater friction, so as to achieve the purpose of non-slip.

7. Wear-resistant marking paint coating

The abrasion resistance of a coating film actually refers to the ability to resist friction, abrasion and erosion, and is related to many properties of the coating film, including hardness, scratch resistance, cohesion, tensile strength, elastic modulus and toughness. It is generally believed that the toughness of the coating on its wear resistance is greater than the hardness of the coating on its wear resistance.

8. Two-component road marking paint

9. Preformed marking tape (paste marking)

Similar to the shape of the floor leather, glass beads attached to the surface, the night reflective effect is good, simple construction; mainly used for road text, arrows, patterns and other paste; the price is relatively high.