2017 Top Ten Paint And Coatings Companies In The World

- Jan 15, 2018-

WPCIA Washington January 5, 2018

Global paint and coatings market sales in 2017 increased 5.3% from a year earlier to reach $ 157.1 billion, in line with the previous forecast growth rate. This year, the global paints market has been affected by many factors, notably the growing demand from the infrastructure industry in the Asia Pacific region, the growing demand from the automotive industry and increasing awareness of sustainable products to drive the market as a whole. However, fluctuations in the prices of raw materials and harsh government environmental laws and regulations and other issues on the market to further hinder the formation of some obstacles, this situation is particularly evident in China. Today China has become a major producer of coatings in the international coating industry, producing coatings accounting for 57% of the entire Asia Pacific region and 29% of the world market. However, due to rising raw material prices, environmental inspections and other factors, the Chinese paint manufacturers began to suffer losses.

Architectural coatings and industrial coatings are the two major markets in the global paint coatings market, with architectural coatings accounting for more than 50% of the global market. Applications from the terminal industries such as aerospace, automotive and general industries have contributed to the growth of industrial coatings. The increase in architectural coatings is attributed to the growing construction spending in emerging regions. However, architectural coatings have long been a highly regulated industry because of the presence of environmentally harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in these products. The existence of VOCs has forced governments and environmental organizations in the world to adopt rules and regulations to limit or eliminate them. At the same time, consumer awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, which leads consumers to paint on human health effects and utility preferences change. Companies such as AkzoNobel, Sherwin-Hyundai, PPG, diamond coatings and Nippon Paint, which are dominated by the market, are aggressively developing eco-friendly and water-based formulations that offer more opportunities for the global coatings market. This ultimately led to the architectural coatings industry turning to green eco-friendly products based on powder and water-based formulations.

In 2017, a total of 22 companies had sales of more than $ 1 billion in coatings and three companies had sales of more than $ 10 billion, including Akzo Nobel, Sherwin-Sun and PPG Industries. As the completion of the acquisition of Valspar merger, its sales have significantly improved since the third quarter, the total annual sales exceeded PPG for the first time. This year, due to the impact of China and other factors, the growth rate of the entire Asia-Pacific region has slightly slowed down. However, the Asia-Pacific region should remain the region with the strongest performance with an overall growth rate of 5.9%. At the same time, the growth rate of the European regional market reached 3.2%.

2017 top ten paint brand company rankings:

1) .AKZONOBEL (N.L.) AkzoNobel (Netherlands) $ 17.25 billion

2) Sherwin-Williams (U.S.) Sherwin-Williams (U.S.) $ 15.04 billion

3) PPG Industries (U.S.) PPG Industries (U.S.) 14.86 billion USD

4) .Nippon Paint (J.P.) Japan Coatings (Japan) 5.392 billion

5) RPM Inc (U.S.) RPM International (US) $ 4,959 million

6) BASF (D.E.) BASF (Germany) 4.856 billion USD

7). Diamond Paints (U.S.) Diamond Coatings (USA) $ 4.362 billion

8) .Axalta (U.S.) Axalta (U.S.) 4.21 billion U.S. dollars

9). KANSAI Paints (J.P.) Kansai Paint (Japan) 3.527 billion US dollars

10) .Asian Paints (IN) Asian Coatings (India) $ 291.2 million