Several Kinds of Common Paint Methods for Epoxy Floor Paint

- Sep 19, 2017-

  Several Kinds of Common Paint Methods for Epoxy Floor Paint

  Epoxy floor paint the service life is limited, the corresponding number of years, even if the coating has not yet shell, but because of the frequent use of the ground, epoxy floor surface will be scratched, faded yellowing phenomenon. If the old epoxy floor from the skin, cracking, etc., in the construction of the new epoxy floor before the need to remove the old paint layer, the removal of the process of removing the paint layer, we call the paint.

  If the epoxy floor paint is a small area of damage, only the local damage to the coating to remove, keep the coating, and then the same color of the epoxy resin material can be repaired; if a large area of the floor from the skin , Foaming, cracking, cracking and other serious problems, you need to cover the entire surface of the coating all removed until the exposed substrate, and then paint the appropriate floor.

  The more common methods of removing paint are as follows:

  Mechanical paint removal method: is by means of the machine to carry out the paint removal process, such as manual grinding, shot blasting, high pressure (abrasive) jet and other methods, are effective to remove the old floor paint layer method.

  Flame paint method: If the old floor paint and base layer bonding is relatively strong, you can use the flame on the floor heating, so that the old paint coke, blistering, and then use the scraper to eradicate the old floor paint layer.

  Alkali lacquer method: the use of lye corrosion, so that the old coating swelling soft, so as to achieve the purpose of removing the old floor paint.

  Desoldering paint stripping: the coating can be dissolved or swollen, is a plan or paste, mainly by the solvent and solvent dissolving paraffin, cellulose and other components.

  For the construction of new ground floor epoxy paint, do not because of cheap and free to choose the floor material. Otherwise in the epoxy floor construction after the completion of short-term quality problems, the old film must be removed to do a new epoxy floor, this way, will pay more time and money.